Outlaw Martial Arts

Unit A2 Northway Trading Estate, Northway Lane, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, Gl20 8JH.

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Skill Stacking Combinations

MMA Combination 1

 Strike-Turn Corner double-side control-knee on belly, punch,
when he defends takes arm for step over arm bar

MMA Combination 2

 Strike-Body Lock-T Position-Takedown-Side-He Digs for
Underhook-Trap Arm-Americana

MMA Combination 3

 Strike-Pad Man Shoots- Guard, control wrists, finish by Triangle.

MMA Combination 4

 Strike-Shoot Low Double-Guard-any Pass-Side-Arm Triangle

MMA Combination 5

 Strike-Pad man Shoots-Guard-Arm Bar

MMA Combination 6

 Strike-Single Leg-Control Leg-Pass-Knee on Belly-SideUnderhook-Spin Arm Bar

MMA Combination 7

 Strike-Sprawl-Front Headlock-Fade to Guard-Guillotine.

MMA Combination 8

 Strike- Double leg-Stand punch and pass-Mount-Punch-Mount Arm Bar.

MMA Combination 9

 Strike-Single- Pass-Knee on Belly-Mount-Pad Man Reverse Closed Guard-Open Guard-Technical Get Up

MMA Combination 10

 Strike-Head Outside Low Single-Control Leg-Stand-SideMount-Strike-Pad Man Reverse-Guard-G+P Defence Drill to Sweep

 Outlaw Martial Arts

Unit A2 Northway Trading Estate
Northway Lane
Gl20 8JH

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      Telephone: 07401091503