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Top-5-Benefits of Learning Mixed-Martial-Arts (MMA)

What is Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)? Basically, MMA is a mix of different martial arts disciplines including boxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, wrestling and many other more. Unlike Boxing or Muay Thai, the match is allowed to continue when the fight goes to the ground. Why Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)? All types of Martial […]

Tips For Beginning MMA

Top Tips For Beginners to MMA Stepping into the MMA Gym for the first time can be hard. In fact that first step is absolutely the hardest (aside from stepping into the cage for the first time).  You may not know what to expect, and everything you are covering can definitely be overwhelming. Over the […]

11 Benefits of Martial Arts classes for children

    Other than self defence, the benefits of Martial Arts Classes for children aren’t always immediately obvious. Here’s  you might not have considered.   Help Them Stay Fit Martial Arts classes for children help them stay fit because of the variety of exercises on offer from running to learning balance to helping them improve co-ordination. […]

Benefits of Training in MMA

MMA Training in Tewkesbury

Benefits of Training in MMA MMA training (mixed martial arts) has taken the fitness world by storm. It combines the unique benefits of individual martial arts and blends them together to give spectacular benefits. It is also known as ultimate fighting or cage fighting because it is a combative sport that is full contact. MMA […]

MMA for self defense

MMA Training in Tewkesbury

In today’s world, it is becoming increasingly important that you defend yourself and your dear ones against many crimes and violent acts. Many people are filled with fury, agitation and greed that they would go to any extent to get their ways. That’s the reason learning effective self-defense techniques like MMA, Tewkesbury Martial arts, etc., […]